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Despite Ghana being a shining example of political stability and deepening democracy in the West African region, Ghana’s educational system continues to be inadequate in its ability to provide basic educational services to its citizens. Due to their offshore oil reserves and other natural resource exports, coupled with a fairly stable government, Ghana has been attracting international investors in recent years. This has caused the country to experience high levels of outside influence and this further accelerates the need for Ghana’s youth to develop skills to compete in a globalized world. With over half the nation struggling with illiteracy and many having little to no access to formal education systems, the majority of Ghanaians are being marginalized versus empowered by the country’s rapid growth.

SSEP focuses much of its efforts in four communities:

  • Chorkor – a densely populated (24,000) low-income community in the coastal area of Accra
  • James Town – adjacent to Chorkor and one of the least desirable communities in Accra, population 37,000
  • Kyenkyenase -- a farming community located in Western Ghana, population 500
  • Bentum – a rural impoverished community in Western Ghana where most people live off less than $1 a day, population 1,200