Leadership Team

The Strategic Leadership Team is the governing body of SSEP responsible for the strategic management of the nonprofit corporation. The team consists of an Executive Committee, an Advisory Committee and a Committee Volunteers. The team provides leadership, oversight, sustainability and strategic direction and operates by following the corporation’s bylaws and mission.

The Leadership Team is a diverse group of professionals made up of business and non-profit leaders, attorneys, professors and community members with experience related to international development, non-profit and business management and development.

    President-Sara Allegra
    Vice President-Jennifer Owens
    Secretary-Lorraine Hatch
    Treasurer-Caitlyn Gill
    Strategy Committee Chair-Jina Sanone
    Development Committee Chair-Conni Todd
    Operations Committee Chair-Daniel Abusuampeh

    Additional support and guidance is provided by both an Advisory Committee and
    Committee Volunteers.

      Programs are supported in Ghana by a full-time country director and three part-time jewelry designers/trainers. Additional support is provided by select SSEP scholarship student graduates who are eligible to intern for our organization after completing high school. In addition to a monthly stipend, interns receive educational funding to help them pursue their educational advancement at the university level.

      SSEP partners with the Ghana Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Services in Chorkor and James Town, United Way Ghana and a medical outreach community partner, Projects Abroad.