School Builds

Rural School Builds

SSEP recognizes the lack of an adequate number of schools in Ghana and as a result many school aged children must walk great distances to attend school in neighboring communities which may limit or prohibit their attendance. Since school attendance is directly influenced by the proximity of the school to the student, communities with schools often thrive while than communities lacking this vital resource suffer high rates of illiteracy and continuing and oppressive poverty.
To address this problem, SSEP partners with rural communities and engages in school build projects with such communities. After a village is identified, a memorandum of understanding is signed by both parties and the project is underway. In the spirit of collaboration, SSEP provides the materials while the village provides the land and the labor.

Qualifying partner villages meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate a need for a school in their community
  • Teachers must be present in the community
  • A commitment to complete the school construction as efficiently and quickly as possible while upholding safety measures
  • A commitment to use the school building for its intended purposes and allow all students in the community to attend without prejudice
  • Demonstrate commitment to an ongoing relationship with SSEP