Women's Vocational

Women's Vocational Training

Beads play significant cultural, ceremonial, and financial roles in Ghana, West Africa. From the time a child is born, Ghanaian babies wear a strand of beads around their waists. Young girls continue the tradition into womanhood wearing up to six strands of beads at all times even when they bathe and sleep. Intricate bead designs also adorn ceremonial clothing, jewelry and headdresses worn by tribal kings, chiefs, and ministers at important cultural festivals and events. Ghanaian glass bead making has highlighted West Africa on the map as a leading bead producer and exporter throughout the world.

Jewelry is handmade by women artisans in Ghana, West Africa. Original jewelry designs inspired the SSEP vocational program where select members of our partner communities are trained in jewelry design, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. All SSEP vocational program students are financially compensated for their work and earn a certificate of completion to assist with local micro-loan applications.

Select participants are eligible to receive micro-grants directly from SSEP to kick start their businesses. Our students live in the communities surrounding SSEP partner schools, giving us an additional way to make a positive impact in our target communities.